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Tips and Advice while Traveling Morocco

Publié le 11/08/2009 à 19:15,
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 Find in this blog some tips and advice that will help you with your Morocco Travel.

Have a good navigation !

Travel with Children Morocco, Tips for Family Travelers with Children - Kids , Good idea to travel with children, Tours Morocco with Children

Publié le 11/08/2009 à 19:09,
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Morocco is one of the easiest countries in which to travel with Children, simply because the Moroccans love children and they are the central aspiration in every Moroccan family, having a young child can help you to open up opportunities for getting to know people... Keep reading

Buy Things in Morocco, Things to Buy Morocco, What to Buy as Gift for Friends and Family Morocco, Souvenir from Morocco

Publié le 11/08/2009 à 19:02,
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If you'll like to impress your friends or family with exotic gifts, Morocco is an excellent place of what you are looking for! There are many wonderful things to buy, from the colourful spices markets to the fabulously designed carpets, handcrafted brass, copperware ... Keep reading

Women Travelers Morocco, Women Travel Morocco Tips and Advice, Traveling alone in Morocco

Publié le 11/08/2009 à 18:51,
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In Morocco, women traveling alone is generally safe, but there are thing to bear in mind; dress conservatively and specifically means cover shoulders, stomach and keens and avoid fitting clothes, there is no need to cover your head ..keep reading

People of Morocco, Moroccans behavior, Tips on People in Morocco

Publié le 11/08/2009 à 18:44,
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Ramadan is the ( month) in which was sent down The Quran, as a quide to mankind, also clear ( signs)for guidance and judgement( between wrong and right). So every one of you who is present (at his home)during that month should spend it in fasting... Keep reading

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